Growing – Day ‘last’

So, after waiting an interminable time for a sprout to appear, I took a magnifying glass to the bit o’ green and discovered that I was in fact, growing mold.  *sigh*  I’m giving up.  I had 12 chances and failed all of them.  Dad had the green thumb in the family, I never “got” plants.

Growing – Day 17 “Bud”

Okay folksies, It finally happened, I’m a daddy!
17 days into this I finally have a little sproutling.  I was gonna name it abby something, but I think “Bud” may do the trick.  Though i wouldn’t want to curse it by giving it a male’s name.  *sigh*  Wanna see pics?  there’s only one:

It’s worth noting that this is only 4 days after cracking the shells, there may be more to come, we’ll see.

Growing day 14

So, when I woke up, several of the little guys had beige tongues sticking out.  I didn’t want them to drown, so I put them back in the peat, added warm water, poured off the excess and set them in the window.  See how it goes from here.  it’s possible that I just cracked the shells enough to see the insides that swelled with water.  But I think I might have a couple three bloomers here.  time… and patience.


Growing Day 13

Nothing in the peat.  No sprouts, no plants.  so I decided to dig up the seeds and see what was happening.  None of them were sprouting except that one with the white streak that always makes me think it is.  So, on the suggestion of some growers online, I washed them off and pinched them between thumb and finger. The first one crushed,so I was worried I’d applied too much pressure, but the second one popped nicely indicating that the shell had cracked open. About half gave a satisfying pop, the rest, not so sure. Added warm tap water and put them in the warm place. We’ll check tomorrow.

Growing Day 8

Feeling a little despondent.  Soaking the seeds in water was supposed to speed things up.  But either it did nothing, or it drowned them.  If they drowned, then all 12 of them doing bupkis makes sense.  If not, then this becomes a waiting game.  Technically, I should post after the weekend, that’ll be 10days.  But I really hate waiting.
Hello down there, could you maybe speed things up?

Growing – day two

After about 18 hours soaking, the seeds are still mostly buoyant.  Not sure if this is a good thing or not.  But when transferring them into the Jiffy Peat moss I saw a couple of them that looked like a pre-root was sticking out a little.

I followed the directions on the tray of peat, and sure enough, the little wafers jumped right up into tiny cylinders of gushy peat.  I dropped one seed into each unit and covered with a little layer of peat.  Add the cover that’s included and put them back into the warm place (just above the houses space heater, separated by a 2×6 plank to keep from melting the plastic)

Growing – Day One

Based on California prop 64, I have decided to try treating myself with marijuana, grown here at home.  Perhaps when retail sales pop up in 2018, I’ll just buy, but for now, I have time, and would like to see if my thumb is more green than brown.

Based on local law, I cannot grow more than 6 plants.  I was gifted a dozen mixed seeds from a dispensary.  Since it’s incredibly difficult to sex seeds, I’m going to try growing all 12 and identify strain and sex as soon as possible.  I am expecting at least 3 of the seeds to fail (very light green). So if half the rest are females, I’ll have 4 plants to choose from for the mother.  I might keep all 4 in veg state, and pull one cutting off 2 at a time to keep my number at 6 and try out the full growth.  Once I have a strain I like, I’ll harvest the other mothers, donate the crop back to the dispensary and go into production with my mother.

For now, I’m going cheap with my set-up.  I have all 12 seeds in a wine glass set in the warmest spot in the house.  I have 12 Jiffy brand starters coming tomorrow.  With best luck, all 12 will sprout and I will have 12 little buds on the grow.