Somehow, I thought driving a truck would be more free.  Specifically, I wouldn’t have to punch a clock.  But it turns out truck drivers have a bunch of clocks, all based on different federal rules.


11 hour – The first clock is a pretty sensible one, you cannot drive more than 11 hours in a shift.  I guess this was to combat the use of methamphedamines in the industry.  Thing is, What’s a shift? Well….


14 hour- The 14 hour clock states that you cannot drive more than 14 hours in one continuous period without a 10 hour break.  Okay, that’s not the wording, but the idea is that if I drive to a shipper, and they make me sit around for 6 hours waiting to load up my truck, I can only drive

14hours – (6 hours wait + initial driving + post driving) for a combined 8 hours.  Now, I said it’s not worded that way.  It’s that you cannot WORK more than 14 hours and continue to drive.  So, if I have a second job, that counts against that 14 hour clock, including the 10 hour rest time.


8 hour clock – the newest clock says that I must take a ½ hr break somewhere in the middle of my shift,  The real wording includes a 3 hour period at the start and end of the shift where this isn’t valid, but the computer will let you, only you don‘t get your full time. *sigh*  And yes, unpaid.


70 hour – Here’s the fun one, … you cannot work more than 70 hours in an 8 day period.  This includes other jobs and on-duty/non-driving stuff.  So, each night at midnight, the hours you worked 8 days ago get added back to your available total.  So, yes, must keep track of 8 days at least.  The only way to reset this is:


34 hour reset – that’s one day and a 10 hour reset and all your clocks reset to full.  Can’t do anything for money during this time, and sometimes, you live in a parking lot because of it, But it means you can work as hard as you want for a week.  That’ll get you accross the country.


Makes me kinda wish for a good ole 9-5.