As I said, I was tricked into college by a coworker (okay badgered). I entered with a head full of ideas, but little patience for potential failure. I took 16 credit hours my first semester. I was going to get a business degree (so I could get loans for my business...yeah, right). I didn't, but I did survive that first semester, and I decided to stay.

After a number of majors, I decided to just settle for an Associates in General Studies, and then move on to the one college I had always dreamed of attending: the University of Michigan. You see, all through high school, I had dreamed of studying medicine at the U of M, but the finances just weren't available. And if I couldn't go there, I didn't want to go anywhere (which included turning down a free ride to Wayne State ... D'OH!!!). Anyway, I had moved to Ann Arbor in 86 for the sake of Ursa Major, so I was really familiar with the campus of UM.

Well, three semesters later, I had burnt out entirely on school, but just didn't know it yet. In that time, I stuffed my head with more information then I though it could hold, and became entirely disenchanted with the medical field. So I left, illusions shattered, and up to my ears in debt. I quickly went back to Washtenaw Community College, both to get back on the horse, and to delay paying my student loans a little longer. But, like I said, I was burnt out, so I dropped out a couple of credits short of another degree in computer science.

But there was a bright side to my second shot a WCC, I got a computer job. I was put in charge of the Mac networks. The job was only for a semester, but I was back to computers full time. I've been a functioning member of the work force ever since...

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