Click here to hear how I fire has worked it's way through my whole life. In short, I've been performing with fire since mid 2000. My first performance was with sword, and that has dominated my preferences ever since. As I became a tool maker, I was forced to learn a multitude of other tools (for testing). Now, I am comfortable with almost any tool, proficient in several, and perform with a few.

I've done fire combat with the swords, martial kata, actual spinning, and even pull out twin swords on occasion. I use torches for spinning, eating fire, fire breathing, contact fire and occasionally for lighting the way. I have a small SM show with fire floggers, torches and more mundane toys. I've spun poi, used whips, worn wings, served flaming soup, and even lit my pants on fire in the name of performance.

My strongest cards right now are my sword performances: single, double, tandem and combat. Right behind, my fire breathing. Alone, or with my squad, I have worked very hard to expand the art of breathing fire to new levels. Ground effects, double breathing and line passing are all new skills developed for my breather squad. And through Bearclaw I am exposed to and innovating new tools all the time.

Career Highlights

2001 2002 2003
  • Jul - Organized legal, open, unattended spin jam in Culver City.
  • Aug - Organizer Los Angeles Fire Conclave, Burning Man 2003.
  • Nov - Featured performer "I Am Medieval" fundraiser/party.
  • May - Assisted in choreographing the worlds largest, organized fire show "The Pulse". Over 500 performers for the Burning Man Arts Festival.
  • Aug - Organizer Los Angeles Fire Conclave, Burning Man 2004.
  • Sep - Ran Safety for Kumbia Kings video: "Fuego"
  • Oct - Performer, La Colina Halloween.
  • Oct - Performer, LA Decompression, downtown LA.
  • Aug - Organizer Los Angeles Fire Conclave, Burning Man 2005.
  • Aug - Organizer: Ocean of fire. Guinness World Record Fire Breathing Record attempt, Burning Man 2005. Featured on the Discovery Channel series "Only In America".
  • Sep - Performer/Organizer of fire pirate stage at Lobsterfest.
  • Oct - Performer, Jacob's Halloween.
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