Any performance that I run shall follow local fire codes, NAFAA regulations, or Bearclaw safety suggestions, whichever is most strict. I maintain $2M performers liability insurance, so you don't have to just trust my word. I will happily handle all the legwork needed to provide a legal show, though the cost of the permit (if any) will be added to the fee.

As a solo performer, I have a variety of tools at my disposal and can usually provide an appropriate show no matter the venue. I can also provide character shows for theme parties. The Pirate and Knight personas shown in the gallery are always available and other theme performances can be designed upon your request. Standard rates apply to basic shows, and I welcome the chance to negotiate custom shows.

Also, as a part of Red Swan Entertainment, we can assemble groups, super-groupes, duets, etc to meet any need, large or small, with a wide variety of options, maybe more than you can imagine.

As the Los Angeles contact for the Burning Man Fire Conclave, I performed with dozens of performers locally and hundreds nationally. If you're looking for a particularly large show of 20 - 2000 performers, I am one of the people that can make it happen.

Red Swan

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Last updated on 12-Sep-04