Growing – Day One

Based on California prop 64, I have decided to try treating myself with marijuana, grown here at home.  Perhaps when retail sales pop up in 2018, I’ll just buy, but for now, I have time, and would like to see if my thumb is more green than brown.

Based on local law, I cannot grow more than 6 plants.  I was gifted a dozen mixed seeds from a dispensary.  Since it’s incredibly difficult to sex seeds, I’m going to try growing all 12 and identify strain and sex as soon as possible.  I am expecting at least 3 of the seeds to fail (very light green). So if half the rest are females, I’ll have 4 plants to choose from for the mother.  I might keep all 4 in veg state, and pull one cutting off 2 at a time to keep my number at 6 and try out the full growth.  Once I have a strain I like, I’ll harvest the other mothers, donate the crop back to the dispensary and go into production with my mother.

For now, I’m going cheap with my set-up.  I have all 12 seeds in a wine glass set in the warmest spot in the house.  I have 12 Jiffy brand starters coming tomorrow.  With best luck, all 12 will sprout and I will have 12 little buds on the grow.