If knowledge is, in fact, power, then a collection of knowledge is tyranny. Therefore, a dispersal of knowledge is equality. I believe in a free exchange of all knowledge. I will gladly show or tell anything I know to others. I will encourage others to do so as well. And I will fight anyone that attempts to hide knowledge, disperse assumptions as facts, or engage in "disinformation" in any way. Currently, the best way to disperse information is the internet. So, I have concentrated my efforts in this direction. You'll notice that my site contains actual information in some areas [mostly, where others view me as the local expert on that subject], and many pointers to good sources of untainted information. Additionally, I teach others to make use of the internet and support them with the knowledge I have picked up through 20 years of employment in the industry.

Just as knowledge builds a civilization, art builds a culture. I encourage the practice of the arts in myself and others. But I do not feel that the arts need to be preserved. Art from the past defined that culture, not this one. Take a look at a medieval painting and see if it applies to the modern day. I'm not saying that we should destroy such cherished artifacts ... by no means. For it is though art that a culture is truly remembered. But I feel that each culture should strive to find its own place in art. Re-creating the fashion of the Tutors may be interesting, but if it doesn't define the modern day in some way, to me, it is not art, it's anthropology. I may never understand what passes for modern art, but I approve of the advancement. Let sleeping dogs lie. When you strive to make art, make your art, not the art of your forefathers.

I am a craftsman. What I believe is that once you set yourself on the path of creation, you should do all you can to make it your best. Form and function should be carried in everything you do, with function made the best you can, and form a secondary consideration that should never interfere with the intended use. I have many crafts: computer programming, woodworking, tinkering, and others. In each of them, I strive to provide the best results possible. Also, occasionally, I think you should take the best that you have done and accept no praise for it. Tell no one that you have done it. Hide it in your soul. This helps to create a quiet pride that can lead you to create even better things, or at least remind you that you are capable of greatness.

When you love, love completely. There is simply no use in trying to love someone and hold parts of yourself back. That is self-defeating, it is you that will end that relationship. Holding back robs you of the opportunity to live a little. If the love is to last, it will last. If the love is not to last, then the pain of loss is part of living, and it is something that can cleanse your soul. Don't fear pain, it is the fire that tempers you ... it makes you human.

Death is a choice. Understand this and you will be free. When your body is wracked with pain from a mortal wound, it is your choice to end it. Remember, nearly any wound you've ever heard of has been survived by someone. We all choose the time of our death, it's simply a matter of what we are willing to bear here on earth. These choices happen at many phases in our lives. It's just that most people don't recognize them. Often, the turning point in chronic diseases is immediately preceded by a moment of choice: to continue down the easy path into further wasting, or to fight and win better health. I've had one of these moments myself and I encourage others to watch for them and understand them for what they are: choices. You always have a choice in how your life will progress. Failing to make the choice will invariably lead you down into a harder life. Once you know you have the power of choice, in life and in death, no problem in your life is insurmountable.


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Last updated on 27-Oct-01