New Site

Okay, so, I wanted to build a WP site because I have some writing to do.  I realize this is a little convoluted, but here’s the whole trip.

After binging on Red Dwarf, I lamented that the US had never really put together a space-comedy show.  I love Galaxy Quest, and felt like we really needed one (and the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek didn’t count… never counts).  so I took it upon myself to write one.

Harder than it sounds.

But I’ve trudged on, built a fairly respectable bible, and come up with a really interesting storyline that I want to fully explore.  Essentially, I’m going to swap two character’s minds.  Yeah, I know, been done.  Yeah, I know Male and female … been done.  Here’s the catch.  They don’t switch back.

There are a lot of biological differences between men and women that could be explored: tetrachromacy, the corpus callosum, and of course hormones, sex, and pregnancy.

Thing is, I want to do the story justice, so I figured that I’d have to get a little time in at the keyboard.  I’ve done some writing in the past, even some fiction, that all “showed promise”. [translate, you suck now, but you might get better] And I have a lot of stories I’d like to encode for posterity.  So, this place will combine the two impetus.

These blogs will be thoughts, stories, whatever I want to get down.  It will allow me to practice word smithing until I feel like I can get that larger story written.  And by setting this all up in WP, I can keep up with it on the road using my chromebook.