Rave links

  • Moontribe has some of the best DJs in the world and throws some great parties.
  • The orange kids are a great group of ravers that really know how to party.
  • Deby Petting Zoo throws some very fuzzy parties.
  • Tropical has some Moontribe DJs and also throws some great indoor parties.
  • EAM is building a global rave community, join them.
  • The federal register has updates of laws and policies, many of which have an impact on outdoor ravers.
  • Gayraver is a site run by a friend of mine that's a BBS for Gays and Ravers (you don't have to be both...)
  • The Gathering Of The Tribes is an anual event designed to educate and band together party promoters.
  • The Electronic Music Defence Fund provides funding for professionals in the elctronic music fields that have found themselves unjustly prosecuted.
  • Ravelinks is a good place to find a hot local rave anywhere in the world.
  • SoCal Raves is a little more underground, and concentrates on Southern California.
  • The spirit of raving has some great historical rave info.
  • Hyperreal is the parent of the above and has a lot of info for ravers.
  • Raveworld is a good starting point for rave information.
  • JLFCatalog has info of interest to ravers.
  • I-Herb has the best prices on a lot of herbs including 5-HTP.
  • Dancesafe has info of interest to ravers, implicite chemical safety charts, and good information on party drugs.
  • All your base are belong to us.

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