Trucker Blues

So, I’ve been working bunches but not making the money I hoped to get tat this job.  Even when I got 3 weeks of pay at once, The amount after taxes was pitiful.  So, I talked to payroll, and I had put the number of withholdings at 0.   Okay, that is my number of dependents, but I could pay less on a regular basis.  So I switched it.

Thing is, life on the road is really expensive.  To give you an idea, imagine buying EVERY meal at a fast food place.  Now, imagine spending 30% more than your local fast food to get the same stuff.  Don’t forget rent and bills and such.

You see, trucks can’t really wander about cities much.  You never see one in a dirve through, and even pulling into a big box store is no guarntee that we’d be able to get back out.  Plus the company doesn’t like us wandering around wasting fuel either.  So, we[re pretty much stuck with Truck stops.  No real food there, just the above mentioned fast food.

I haven’t been home for nearly 2 months.  If I had my own truck, I could put in a firdge or cooler, make some chicken wraps and feast on cheaper food.  But, alas, as the better paid recovery position, I switch trucks all the time, and sometimes fly to pick them up, so I’m trapped in the fast-food lanes.  Even if I get to stop at a Wal Mart, I can only buy non-perishables like soup and canned food.  These are NOT good for the digestive system and kinda defeats the point of buying cheap food.

I think I have to call UPS or something and get a dedicated run aroun the LA area.  Otherwise, my choices become: quit, or give up my old life completely and move into a truck full time.  Not liking that second choice.