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Clean Up


The 6 part shade structure.
The shade would be built in 6 parts by different groups. Parts list include:

  • 1 x 3" welded metal ring $1
  • 100' Nylon double braided rope (1000lb) $25
  • 500' Nylon twine (100lb test) $20
  • 2 x 10' EMT (for outside supports) $4
  • 4 x 3' rebar posts 3/8" $4
  • Total about $55 for the structure of the shade.
The structure could be filled in with scrap fabrics from local tailor shops or whatever. If not, it's possible to get fabric at less than $1 a yard, so the extra $45 would go towards that. Otherwise, it could be used to buy rope lights, or other decorations.

$100 was just a nice round number. Theoretically, it could be done with $60 a piece. But then there's the 7th piece: the central support. I know it must be at least 20' high, but I couldn't tell you how to build it correctly. We have people in the group who probably could do it, but they'd need their materials covered.

Last updated on 12-Jan-04