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Clean Up



Conclave members who remember gathering en mass on the playa, sweating in 120 degree temps, then straining to hear Crimson in an extended meeting might understand why there wasn't a mass meeting this year. This information dispersal is still necessary, but unwieldy on the playa. Thus, I came up with the idea of building a shade to cover the 600+ people that might attend such a meeting, and allow us to gather in comfort.

The shade will be built in 6 parts, in different cities, and assembled as the center piece of the Convergence Villa. When the meeting isn't happening, a large, shaded structure with a PA system might be a nice place to teach hooping or poi classes, and a recognizable place to perform at night.

Fire conclave Convergence villa has been registered. If you need a place to camp and want to be with other Conclave members, this is the space for you. The villa will be placed as close the Conclave Convergence (the check-in place for FC) as possible and will feature the multi-city shade project.

Membership in the villa will be limited to conclave members or groups comprised mostly of conclave members. There will be an induction fee to come to no more than $20 a person to cover the costs of a small PA system for Crimson and the genny to power it. With enough people the induction costs could be as low as $5. When Crimson isn't using the system we could host lectures, classes, or spinjams.

All other community resources (showers, kitchens, etc) will be provided by each individual, or by sub-groups. We have a discussion list for the organization of these ventures: FCCV-subscribe@topica.com Access to other resources will be controlled by those who contribute to them.

Because of the strong possibility of excess fuel in the villa plus the possibility of fire performance, some fairly strict rules involving fuel storage may be imposed. Also, the clean up plan will be reasonably draconic. All other group decisions will be democratic in nature.

Interested parties should join the topica list and contact Tedward as soon as possible.

Last updated on 12-Jan-04